The Most Fanciest Yet The Easiest Perfume Holder


One of the biggest love affairs that girls have? PERFUMES!

When it comes to perfumes, I tend to change my favourite scent quite a lot. I start to feel like the scent gets used to my skin and I can no longer smell it, so I love to switch it up!

Let’s face it, perfume bottles are just too pretty to keep locked out in drawers or hidden away on the dressing table somewhere. We all want to showcase them beautifully but sometimes we just don’t understand how to exactly do that. Even I did not know how to stage them on my dresser until I found this magnificent tray which was laying around in some tiny corner in my house.


This tray to some is known as an ‘Aarti’ tray or a “Thali” as you may call it. Its very commonly available in the Indian houses and these trays are usually used in Indian household for prayers and worships.

The tray However, when I saw this beautiful, sparkly specimen, I know exactly what I was going to use it for – my perfumes! I love that it is gold with a mosaic design on the face, it just screams out my name!

When I saw this beautiful, bright specimen, I knew exactly what I was going to use it for – my perfumes! I love that it is metallic silver with an abstract design on the face.

This now-perfume tray of mine was priced at just INR 250 and see how it looks just too pretty on my dressing table!



I am so happy with the way it turned out and it saved me a lot of money.

Sometimes its very interesting to find little unrelated gems like these that you use for a purpose which is all together different from what its originally used for. This tray looks so pretty on my dresser and now I finally have a little house for my perfumes which totally compliments them.

How do you like to store your perfumes?


  1. Really awsm and creative idea when I find a wooden box definitely try 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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