Use Your Beauty Blender Like Never Before

Beauty Blender 2

Who isn’t obsessed with BeautyBlenders these days? We all know that BB is an amazing tool for applying your makeup seamlessly and flawlessly. But there are many other creative ways that you probably didn’t know you could use your BB for. Lets take you through one by one.

  1. Foundation

I love how the blender works on my foundation routine. The idea is to take a damp BB and dip it on the foundation and stipple it all over the face. Always use it in a pressing and bouncing movement in order to deposit the makeup onto the skin. The BB gives a flawless finish and gives a uniformity on the face.

  1. Concealer

I always go a bit heavy on the concealer, but the BB can get it as sheer as you want it to be. I use the mini BB in a patting motion and blend the concealer from the pointed edge from areas like the under eye areas, forehead, chin, bridge of the nose, and on the brow bone. This will instantly define my face and lift it forward.

  1. Baking

Baking has become the talk of the town in the makeup world. But its been around for a long time. It essentially helps in setting your makeup in place and in some cases acts as a highlight. After you have set your concealer, dip your damp BB in the loose powder and bounce the blender in places where you want to highlight and conceal such as under your eyes, under your cheekbones, along your nose line, forehead and chin. Wait for 5 minutes for it to soak in before wiping it away with a blender.

Beauty Blender 1

  1. Cream Contour, Blush and Highlighter

Bb is an expert in blending the cream products. I like to apply the cream contour with the help of the pointed side while the blush and the highlighters can be perfectly applied from the round side. You really wanna take your time to blend them to get rid of any sharpness.

  1. Eye Makeup

Pretty intimidating to know the blender helps in doing the eye makeup? Just grab your mini BB and pick the eyeshadow from the pointy side and pat that on to the lid. The colour pay off is not that amazing but it’s a great trick when you don’t have the luxury of your eye brushes.

  1. Longer Lasting Lipstick

The best way to keep your lipstick on all day is to prep your lips. It helps to prime your lips evenly leaving no crease untouched. All you need is your concealer and bb for those perfectly primed lips.

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  1. Re-purpose Them

Its said to dispose off the BB after every 3 months of use, but I keep them for longer. When it is time to toss them, repurpose ur BB to remove makeup and deodorant stains from clothes.

  1. Dial Down The Stress

It has the perfect level of bounciness to double up a stress ball. Keep it handy for when you feel stressed or find yourself in anger. It will go out evenly.

  1. Skincare Routine

Just like you apply your cream makeup, you can use a damp BB to apply your face creams gently into the skin. Its perfect to apply eye creams too because its made in a perfect way that reached out till the inner corner of the eyes.

Beauty Blender 3

  1. Ombre Nails

Just when you thought your Beauty blender was at the end of its life, manicurists suggest keeping the squishy little guy around to create a perfect ombré nail design. Choose three colours for your design and swipe a thin layer of each polish in a row onto the sponge. Then, quickly dab the hues on nails to reveal a pretty gradient creation.

I love my beauty blender. How about you?


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