An Exclusive Luxury Salon & Grooming Atelier- Its Magnifique!


So if you have been following me on my Snapchat, you would know that my last week was all about my beautiful nail art extensions. Though I am not a nail art freak, but I got into the mood of giving it a shot a day before my best friend’s wedding. Surprisingly, I was mesmerised and very happy indeed with my decision of getting a nail art extension.

The recently-opened Magnifique Salon came chasing me with its luxurious aura. Over there, you can expect high-end imported products for the treatments like Kerastase etc. and some of the best hair consultations. Besides this, they offer a stellar range of facials, full body massages, a pretty neat manicure-pedicure to both men and women and of course the basics like waxing, hair setting and threading. You can also have a VIP room where you can avail all the services in the utmost privacy. The therapists suggest you treatments only after thoroughly analysing your scalp and hair type. You’re safe in their hands, be assured.



Magnifique is all about celebrating the transformation of ‘U’. Through a line of specialised services and grooming rituals, delivered by the best.

Style partners, Jojo and Yatan Ahluwalia offer their expertise in the image makeover and personality grooming at Magnifique. It is inspired by some international cultures that excel in the art of grooming and providing alluring beauty solutions, this avant-garde couture salon will offer you the opulence of a luxe-grooming experience with delightful results.



Situated at South Delhi’s high street fashion alley, Defence Colony, an affluent locality where brands and people compete over caviar and cars, Magnifique aspires to rise as a one-stop family destination for those seeking to be spotlight-ready in no time.

They’ve got a separate VIP room equipped with everything including a shampoo station and massage bed. This is primarily used by either celebrities because, paparazzi or as a bridal room. However, if you’re getting services worth INR 15,000 or above, you can go right ahead and book it for yourself.

Do Try their Pedicure, Manicure, Hair treatments and the coveted Nail Art – Sections they hold their pride on.

My Experience-

As soon as I entered, I met the Senior Salon Manager, Won Won, who was eager enough to take me through the services offered and even show me around the whole property- all the designated rooms for the services and the salon area along with the VIP rooms.The staff of the salon is really warm and welcoming. The interior decor and furnishing of the entire primers stands out and is really unique, pretty, spacious and peaceful.



After informing them that I would like to go with a nail art, I was directed towards the nail art counter where instantly one of their best nail art specialist, KaKa, was appointed to me.

I availed the service of manicure and nail extensions. Beautiful hands have always been part of our grooming ritual since ancient times. Women love to accessorise their hands and take care of nails. In ancient Egypt, long nails were symbolic of status and wealth. In current times, beautiful nails are part of your personality, but not everyone is blessed with strong, beautiful nails. Nail extensions is a way to get those lovely beautiful nails.


They also whip up a mean cup of coffee—must pair with whatever you’re getting done. They will offer you alternatives like green tea etc. as well. You can totally suit yourself.

The ritual starts with a basic cleaning of the hands, cuticle pushing and filing of the original nails. There are several shapes of the nails that can be created for the nail art, I chose the soft box nail shape. To further follow the process of nail extensions, an artificial tip is added on the nail before using acrylic mix. Its very crucial to cute and shape the nails proportionately and accurately. After that the nails extensions are shaped, buffed for a shiny finish, and this happens for a long period of time.



After applying a thick coat of the UV gel, the step of UV gel nail curing was followed with the help of UV lamp. Don’t be scared! It doesn’t burn at all.

Then the pretty lady helped me choose a pretty nail art design. After the base quote, I decided to go for a fuschia nail paint on the fingers except both the ring fingers, on which I got a silver sparkly nail paint. They offer nail paints of brands like Sally Hansen, Cuccio and Chanel. Lastly she topped it with a top quote and then my hands were ready to party.




Where: Magnifique, D-19, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Price of the Service: Approx 7,000 INR;

Contact: 011-49050925;

Timings: 10am – 9.30pm

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