Qraa Anti Cellulite Cream For Face Review


I have never talked about any anti cellulite product on my blog before, simply I never used any of them.

Qraa is one such Indian brand that comes with very novel and super effective products. I have already spoken about their Underarms Whitening Cream on my Youtube channel and I have personally recommended it to all of you. Recently they launched a new product called, Fazeup Anti Cellulite Cream for Face, that is unique in itself.

I have seen many products that are concentrated on body cellulite but this cream is for the facial skin. Though I don’t have a plump face but I still wanted to give it a try because I was really keen on experimenting it and experiencing the results of it. It is priced at a very nominal price of Rs. 300 for a product size of 50 gm and you can buy it online on the website of Qraa itself.

As I just mentioned, I don’t have cellulite on my face so my face wouldn’t be the best surface to experiment and judge about this product but since it is a one of a kind product and this kind of a product is something that is truly in high demand so I thought of sharing it with you all.


Talking about its packaging, it comes in a white tub form which has all the details and directions of usage on the backside. Tub type packaging is not recommended for hygiene issues as we have to dip our fingers every time we use the product. This Is a white tub with a white lid. The lid fits the tub perfectly and is screw type. There is no product leakage. The cream can be easily carried in handbags.

Fazeup Anti Cellulite Cream claims to achieve a slimmer, firmer and toned face within 30 days of regular use, that is twice a day as prescribed.

Also, it is important to know the basic science behind cellulite before you even consider buying any cellulite cream cause not every cellulite cream works effectively. Clinical studies & research have suggested that ingredients like Caffeine are effective in preventing & reducing the ‘orange skin’ appearance caused by cellulite. Caffeine is a coffee extract and is considered to be an anti cellulite ingredient. And caffeine powder is one main ingredient of this cream.


It is known to be super effective in skin tightening and firmness. It tightens and provides antioxidants to the skin when applied regularly. Massage it after applying the cream to stimulate blood flow. It will eventually result in firmer and sculpted cheeks.

The cream is a mild brown in colour and has a pleasant scent. The texture of the cream is neither too thick not too runny but is very smooth on the skin and it gets absorbed easily which makes skin very supple and moisturised within seconds.

This lightweight formula goes on extremely easily and blends quickly.  It’s one of the faster-drying cellulite creams on the market and smells really good.  As for performance, it makes the skin feel very smooth in the short-term, and creates a nice, healthy environment for the skin in the long term.

What it actually does is it reduces the water retention and makes cellulite less noticeable and skin feels tighter and looks firmer and smoother.

This cream is typically regarded as a simple, effective means of reducing the appearance of face cellulite.


Overall, I feel Fazeup Anti Cellulite Cream for face is a very useful and effective product for people with fat on face. Qraa Underarm Whitening Cream has been a hit in on my list and I am sure this would be as effective too!

Have you tried anything to reduce cellulite or fat on face before? Comment below!


  1. Hey..
    I m little on the healthier side..so I have a chubby kind of face tht too genetically….so m bit confused tht is it going to work on my face coz I hav a genetically round and chubby face.. And m also confused btwn two products one is vlcc shape up and second is qraa fazeup.. Which one would be btr ?

    • Hi Namrata, I have never tried the VLCC Shape up so can’t comment on that aspect. But you must definitely give this a try even if your face is genetically round and chubby.

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