Sigma Makeup Brushes Review- 3DHD Kabuki, E39 & E54


I have lately stared to use Sigma Makeup brushes and I am totally loving them. In fact they have such awesome makeup partners that I don’t know what would I have done without them.

I have to say that these makeup brushes are not only the most awesomest ones around but they are literally the best thing! These brushes, although expensive, will last you the longest time and will give you impeccable results. Not a single day passes by when I don’t use these brushes. They have become my absolute go-to makeup brushes.

Today I will be reviewing three of their makeup brushes.





The 3D HD Kabuki is a multifunctional brush engineered to perfection.The Kabuki brush is meant for applying foundation all over your face. It was uniquely designed for all areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle. However, now that I have both the F80 and the 3DHD Kabuki, I just simply feel like I have more options in applying my foundation {not a bad thing!!} and I love the 3DHD Kabuki just as much as the F80! Just like with the F80 brush, the 3DHD Kabuki really buffs the product in and I have yet to experience streak marks.  What I really like about the 3DHD Kabuki, that is an advantage over the F80, is because of the ridge I can get as close and precise that I can get the foundation around my nose, eyes, and on my forehead between my eyebrows.  This is because of that unique pointed {looks like the roof of a house} shape the 3DHD brush has. Lets just say that this one is an improved version of Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush.


I don’t want to exaggerate, but every time I use this brush, I’m left with an airbrushed look and it’s the most multi functional face brush ever! Which is super awesome!

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The E54 Medium Sweeper Brush features a dense, wide brush head ideal for exact product placement on lid. Great universal brush for cream or powder products. It has a dense, wide brush at the top and has a controlled lid applicator. I like to pack and blend eye products to the lid for an overall controlled and blended finish. The handle of this brush is quite handy and easy to use. It is great at blending and controlling the application of eye shadow on eye lids hence it is very useful tool that provides smooth and clean finish of eye shadow on eye lids. This brush is fluffy and has wide head that picks right amount of product,  So no product wastage and less fall out of eye shadow.


It is meant for both powder and cream eye makeup product,the outcome is super blended and high definition finish. Its also a dupe of Mac’s 239 Eye Shading Brush.

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The Buff and blend E39 features a shorter, round dense brush head that blends colours softly, but with precision. I like to use to put colour in my outer V and just blend for any harsh lines. It is best for blending of smaller areas for a precise finish. It is a bit smaller and shorter due to which it gives you a lot more control over the lid.


It also acts as a great transition brush over the eyelid to create a shadow effect. It can be used with cream and liquid products such as concealer, cream eyeshadows and bases, or powder shadows.

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The great thing about Sigma brushes is that they really do last.  I have had a couple of brushes for years! As long as you properly care for them and clean them regularly, they could seriously last a lifetime {but, as my life is not yet complete, I cannot say with certainty if my brushes will last my whole entire lifetime….but I bet it will be pretty much close to it}. The bristles are extremely soft and they are the most fanciest investment every girl should make. Once you start using Sigma makeup brushes, you wouldn’t want to go back to anywhere else.

Leave a comment down below telling me which one you like the most. 🙂


  1. I love 3d hd brush, i dont have much knowledge about eye makeup but i think this brush will help me to apply foundation and compact. Will you please guide which brush i should the real tech or this sigma?

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