The New Age “L’oreal Paris Oil-In-Cream” – An Oil Replacement Cream



Hair oiling is one hair care routine, more of a ritual I should say that every woman follows for healthy hair growth and to maintain it’s natural shine. For those of you who don’t really like the greasiness and stickiness that hair oiling has to offer, here’s your perfect alternative! – Oil In Creams. I gave this new age hair oil a shot and tested out the L’Oreal Oil In Cream.

This oil in cream comes in a gorgeous golden and yellow coloured sturdy tube with a black lid. The packaging is so tempting and beautiful. It has a flip open top which closes with a satisfying click making it rather travel friendly. All the information including detailed ingredient list is mentioned on the outside labels. I feel the product is very well priced. Its priced at Rs. 135/- for a product size of 200 ml.


It’s basically an oil in the form of a lightweight cream. The texture of this cream is soft which is neither too thick nor runny. It has a medium creamy consistency which glides smoothly on my hair. The cream looks white in colour and it gets absorbed quickly. It never feels sticky or oily.

A decent amount of product is needed for my long hair. It feels light on my hair and never weighs my hair down. It has a strong but pleasant floral and fruity scent, which never irritates my sensitive nose. I can’t explain how much I like its smell! It’s an oil-in-cream product and is an concoction of 6 oils:Argan, olive, almond, coconut, jojoba, and camelina. I think this list is enough to understand how good it is for hair. You can use this in three ways: as an overnight therapy, before a shampoo, and after shampoo. I have used it in all the ways and it works so well in every way.

It really melts on rubbing and it eases the application on hair!

Very less amount is required for single application and it has got milky white colour. The best part is its smell. It’s divine in a single word and I am just in love with the smell.


Overnight therapy: Just take a little amount and apply it to the scalp and roots, just like normal oil, and then massage it circular motions like you’d normally do. Massaging helps the cream to get deep in the roots and helps in blood circulation which is great for hair growth. It works from the roots to the tip and my hair appears repaired owing to this treatment. An overnight application gives very smooth, silky and soft hair the next morning. Its stain free and smells great at the same time.

Before shampoo: Another way that you can us this is just before shower. I apply a small amount on the scalp and on the length of my hair. The cream needs to be kept for 30 minutes and then rinse it off. This cream works pretty well, in this way also. If you have the time, then try this way. Post wash, it gives you super smooth and manageable hair. As a pre wash treatment, I didn’t notice any visible increased hairfall. It acts as a hair oil which keeps my hair baby soft after the shampoo and helps me style my hair easy before I head out.

After shampoo: It is an “oil-in-cream” and still it can be used as a leave-in cream and a pre styling prep. It provides instantly soft and silky hair. You need to wait for a little while for the cream to get absorbed when trying this step. It tames all the the frizziness in my hair, reduces tangles and makes it really easy for me to manage them.


My only concern with this product however is some of its ingredients. Although it contains 6 amazing hair oils, it also has some ingredients which I would rather not be very keen on putting in my hair like mineral oils and alcohol. I mean isn’t it weird when a product contains both nourishing as well as drying ingredients together?

Overall I have to say its an amazing concept and this product is actually going to be a life saver and a time consuming product. It delivers almost the same results with the ease and flexibility to use in multiple ways. So get a bigger size now. You must try this oil-in-cream too; I am sure it will never disappoint you.

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