Forest Essentials Rosewater Facial Tonic Mist Review


Don’t we all just love roses and the fragrance of it? So I got this pure rosewater facial tonic mist by Forest Essentials and when I saw that all it has is 100% rosewater, I was super happy.

I absolutely love Forest Essentials skin care products because they are totally natural and come with aromatic fragrances and Rose water has got endless benefits and fragrance is to die for. This Pure Rose Water Facial Tonic Mist retails for 595/- for a product size of 100 ml.


It claims of its fine quality that has cooling, soothing and moisturising properties for the skin. It says that the skin requires a gentle boost after cleansing to rehydrate and tone and prepare it for a nourishing routine.

The Forest Essentials facial toner comes in an elegant plastic packaging with a golden screw cap with royal blue labels. I kind of like how the forest essential products are presented as luxurious items and are packed in accordance to it. All the product information like claims, how to use, ingredients and expiry date is provided on the bottle.

It also claims to be an authentic Ayurvedic formulation; After steam distilling, precious rose oils hydrating fragrant residue becomes the finest rosewater. This fine quality rosewater has properties for cooling, soothing and moisturising the skin.


The spray dispenses the product in a fine mist form which comes out evenly. About the consistency, well it feels just like water. It has a very soothing aroma of fresh roses which instantly makes me feel fresh from within. Absolutely amazing! This alcohol-free toner is made with 100% natural steam distilled rose water and is free from harmful chemicals.

I like to use it in three different ways-

  1. I spray it on my face after cleansing everyday morning & night as a face toner, and then give it 5 minutes to absorb/dry. It closes open pores and prevents the skin from all the impurities. I apply my moisturiser after this.
  2. Its also great for mixing or making a paste our of face masks as it gives a cooling sensation so I use it as a relaxant.
  3. After I am out in the sun for long, I spray this on my face and it really helps calm down my skin and of course calm down my senses because of the pure rose aroma.


This is the most gentle toner I have come across, so if you are someone with sensitive skin, you most likely would love this. My skin doesn’t feel dry or stretchy after its usage, even it moisturises my dry skin very well.

It is so much easy to carry along in a handbag. It really soothes my skin and doesn’t make my skin feel dry. Rose water can be a wonderful addition to your skin care routine. If you don not use them already, try including it and I am positive that you will love it. To sum this up, can I give it a 6 on 5??? It’s simply the best!

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