Pantene ProV Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Conditioner Review- 14DayChallenge!


Everyone wants naturally thick and shiny hair with volume at the same time. However, hair fall is something which surely is a girl’s most common and worst nightmare, (Atleast mine)!

When I got introduced to the Pantene Pro V Hair Fall Control Range, I thought of giving it a try for the sake my hair. So I took the #14DayChallenge of hair fall battle with Pantene.


The range is supposedly called as the Best Ever Pantene,e which makes the hair ‘Stronger Inside, Shinier Outside’. It claims 98% less hair fall when used daily and strengthens hair from root to tip.

Prices: Shampoo 180ml; INR 110 & Conditioner 75ml; INR 55



The shampoo and conditioner both come packed in the standard Pantene hair range bottles with golden flip top cap which is sturdy. It does not leak or spill, hence very travel friendly.

The shampoo and conditioner both have a very thick creamy texture. The shampoo lathers well and a small amount is enough for the scalp and then to extend it to the hair lengths too. The conditioner needs to be spread on the bottom lengths and should ideally be left for atleast 7-10 minutes before a rinse.


Before Pantene, I has been using a shampoo from the past 2 years now, but Pantene Pro V range has relatively made a huge difference in my hair in the past two weeks itself. Talking about the fragrance, its leaning towards fruity and surely very refreshing for the hair. It adds a revitalising aroma to the hair after cleansing sweat, dirt and grime.

First and foremost, it cleanses every layer of dirt, grime and greasiness from the hair. The scalp feels fresh and cleansed and therefore naturally healthy. In case you have very dry, frizzy and damaged hair, like mine, you would need conditioner. One thing that surprise me was that my hair felt much more softer, smoother to touch and frizz free. After around 5 washes my hair started looking less brittle at the ends. I had a little hair dace while my challenge was going on, Have a look here for that!

The hair stays oil-free and smooth for about 3-4 days on an average.


The hair feels nourished and rejuvenated and this can be considered as one of the best daily shampoos as compare to the other brands in the market.

It is formulated without parabens as well. The shampoo is curated with the advanced Pro V formula which helps to strengthen the hair from the structural level itself. The frizz is definitely controlled. As the hair is smooth, knot free and hydrated, the hair fall & breakage has reduced but not completely gone or as it claims. But I am going to continue using the Pantene Hair Fall control shampoo and conditioner because I love how my hair feels after using these together.



*“I am taking up the #14DayChallenge as a part of  product review activity at BlogAdda in association with Pantene


  1. Can we use any Pantene pro v shampoo for 14 days challenge orelse i have to use only pantene pro v anti hair fall?

  2. For the sake of comparison, I tried out both the products and the Pantene one was a winner for me. While the mystery shampoo and conditioner left my hair a bit tangled, the Pantene worked much better at smoothing my unruly tresses.

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