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You know how much I involved I am currently with organic and natural skincare items. With time, I try to enlighten myself about the latest skincare brands that function on the same lines. I went ahead a shopped a couple of skincare items from That1Too. That1Too brings together a range of amazing affordable fashion & 100% organic skincare to customers. Want to know what all I bought? Read on..

Juicy Chemistry Cold Pressed Argan Oil

For the past one month I have been experimenting with carrier oils and essential oils. After realizing the beauty benefits of Argan Oil, I went ahead and bought cold pressed argan oil by Juicy Chemistry. Argan oil works best to repair chemically damaged hair, adds shine to dull hair, promotes hair growth, reduces the effect of heat styling on hair, basically its a miracle for hair in a bottle. It can also be used as facial oil because of its moisturizing properties. Therefore investing in this Liquid gold is totally worth the price as you can use it for so many skin and hair issues. This retails for Rs. 550.

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SkinCafe Orange Crème Caramel Lip Scrub

In winters, our lips become dry and flaky, and then are when a lip scrub comes to the rescue. Skin Cafe handcrafts luxurious lip care treats using fresh, natural, plant-based and organic ingredients. This lip scrub is made using the natural and organic products which makes is luxurious to use and very natural. This smells so good that you will literally have to resist yourself not to lick it. There are very fine sugar particles though the scrub is a bit on the dry side and less creamy. This retails for Rs. 950.

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SkinCafe Red Velvelt Cake Lip Tint Balm

With a tint that is build-able and is made up of a stellar ingredients list which boasts plants based oils and butters like shea butter, cocoa seed butter, olive fruit oil etc and approved cosmetic grade colours, I wonder why wouldn’t anyone want to pick it up in a heartbeat? SkinCafe Red Velvet Cake Lip Tint Balm smells deliciously of red velvet cake and works in twin ways as the name suggests. It’s a lip tint + a lip balm which is perfect for those times when you want a hint of nice sheer red color on your lips. This retails for Rs. 900.

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Island Kiss Flamingo Pink & Peonies Lip Moisturiser Stain

This is an organic lip stain moisturizer. After hearing so much about this range, I finally decided to buy them. They are claimed to be extremely hydrating on the lips and they also have an SPF of 15. The formula is very nourishing and the flavors are lovely to use. Moreover, these are made in India and the ingredient list is very clean. This shade is a light milky coral shade. These perform really well as tinted lip balms, which nourish dry lips. This retails for Rs. 499.

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Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge

Another variant that bought in the same lip stain range is the black rose and grenade rouge. This one is a bright orange red shade and I see it working for a variety of complexions. It doesn’t go opaque but offers a serious punch of color for a tinted version. It’s perfect for days when you want to opt for less makeup or a no makeup-makeup look. This retails for Rs. 499.

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How much emphasize does organic skincare have in your life? Lets chat below.



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