Review & Swatches – Kylie Jenner Kyshadow The Bronze Palette

After selling out within seconds in the first stock, I kept on waiting for the restock. But since I was impatient enough for this one, I bought the Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow The Bronze Palette from the Amazon website. Read on to know what I think about this beauty.


The eye shadow palette is very similarly packed like the other Kylie Cosmetics, a sleek white box that features Kylie Jenner’s winked eyes. The actual palette too comes in a white packaging, again with Kylie’s eyes with drips from eyes representing various shades from the palette. Very thoughtfully created, I agree!


The colors in the Bronze Palette range from a matte black to a creamy beige, so users are sure to find at least one color they love with this product. The shadows are powdery but more like buttery and doesn’t dry the lids at any point. One of the best things that are being said about Kyshadow is that it has an amazing buildability. This means that the shadows can be layered one on top of the other to create a buildable coverage. What makes this so important is that even though these shadows are matte, by being buildable, they can get a more opaque look.

The best thing about this color palette being the first one to be released is that these colors compliment almost every skin tone, so there truly is something for everyone with Kyshadow Bronze Palette.


There are 2 satin shimmer shades and 7 matte shades. A list of the nine hues included in the Bronze Palette, as well as brief description, can be found below.

Jasper – Creamy Beige

Quartz – Champagne Gold

Topaz – Taupe

Goldstone – Bronze

Citrine – Bright Orange

Tiger Eye – Light, Golden Brown

Hematite – Chestnut Brown

Bronze – Chocolate Brown

Onyx – Deep Black


This eyeshadow is sold exclusively on their official website for $42USD with an approximate international shipping of $15USD. However, I got it from the website for INR 1,990.

As mentioned above, all the colors offered in the Kyshadow Bronze Palette, except for Quartz and Goldstone, is matte finish. Quartz and Goldstone have satin finish.

All in all, Kyle’s second palette is a promising offering with an excellent selection of shades and a formula that’s a joy to apply!

What do you think of this eye shadow palette?

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