Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream- Review


Ayurvedic scriptures suggest that skin care should start at a young age. In the teenage years, many skins can undergo changes commonly resulting in oiliness, breakouts, acne or pigmentation, which can affect long-term damage to the skin. With this in mind, Forest Essentials has launched two very unique Facial Creams made from 100% Authentic Ayurvedic Formulations, called as “Kumkumadi Teenage Cream” that are specially designed to take care of specific skin concerns.

I love forest essentials products they make amazing natural products with an Ayurvedic blend and even though I’m not a teenage I still decide to try out the newly launched Kumkumadi teenage night cream because of the amazing blend of ingredients in the cream.

About the product

Forest essentials products come in an extremely luxurious beautiful glass jar package. The product comes in a jar with a gold screw lid. There is a clear plastic safety cover to prevent the cream from leakage. The actual product is orange tinted.

The texture of this cream is a thick one but a lightweight one at the same time.

Talking about the fragrance, it has a typical herbal fragrance with some floral hints. The smell is rich and pleasant for me.

Price- 1,975 for 30 gm, and you can buy it here-

Ingredient list

Its a lightweight cream and is easily absorbed when the skin is at rest. The ingredients list is quite long and impressive.

  • Kumkumadikeram night cream is a highly effective night cream which contains powerful Ayurvedic preparations of Kumkumadikeram, Sandalwood oil and Manikya (Ruby) Bhasma, which helps to lighten pigmentation and clarify the skin.
  • Renowned as Padmaraga or the Red lotus, Manikya Bhasma has miraculous skin rejuvenating properties.
  • Sweet Almond Oil, Desi Ghee and Shea Butter penetrate into deep layers of the skin at night, and keep the skin healthy and nourished.

My experience

After cleansing and toning my face at night, I use a small amount of the cream and massage it on my face and neck.

I wake up every morning with a soft and bright face. I noticed an visible improvement the very first time I used it, and after a couple of days today now, I’m admired looking at how good my skin looks and feels. I noticed my face has a natural radiant glow, and the dark patches on my skin and under eye darkness have also reduced to a relatively great extent. It’s expensive! But it’s worth it!

What do you think about it?


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