The Triple Denim Effect

September is here and we are 3 quarters down in 2017. SO QUICK SO SOON! I am honestly waiting for the winters to come now. The humidity is killing me. Coming to the trend I’m covering today in this post, it’s one of my favorite trends of all time- the denim on denim.While I have tripled the denim look here. I am a big fan of denim wear and what is best about it, you can wear it with anything.

A lot of people assume and consider the word “denim” synonymous with a pair of jeans or our classic jacket trend. But denim can mean so much more. It can go from shirts made of denim to even chokers now.

The basic rule of thumb for denim on denim is making sure that the washes and colors are completely different from each other to avoid being too flat. I wore a medium toned denim playsuit combined with a denim t-shirt of a much lighter tone. Cover-ups have become essentials these days, so I thought why not take to the next level by wearing a denim jacket with a darker tone. So as mentioned earlier, all the three denim tones must be different from each other.

To keep the dimensions set, I wore a comfy pair of mules to jump around the streets. The classic black fringe bag was curated with the outfit in such a way that it matches with the shoes. This was how the entire “triple denim” look was designed. Go ahead and try it out. But wait! Take a look at the pictures first. HAHA.

Outfit Details-

Denim Playsuit- Bangkok Streets

Denim Top- Westside Stores

Denim Jacket- ClubFactory

Black Mules- H&M

Black Fringe Bag- Dharavi, Mumbai

Aviator Shades- Local Shopping

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