Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

Hello there, beauties! If you’re a lover of makeup, then you’ve probably heard a ton of buzz about the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. As much as I enjoy and swear by primers sometimes I don’t enjoy the often-heavy texture of such products; more that its skin suffocating to wear so many layers. Well now this one? Read on to know what I think about it.

Priming water, madness huh?? Yes this bottle of “water” does of course help lock make-up in place but it offers so many more benefits than that, for instance this cooling mist hydrates, adds a little radiance to the complexion and keeps oil at bay. This spray promises to hydrate and revitalize skin while also locking makeup in place. It’s free of silicones, oil and alcohol, and it can be used in three different ways: to prime, to set, and to refresh skin throughout the day.

Price- 2,650 for a product size of 116 ml.

The texture of this spray is really fine, like a mist, so it doesn’t leave skin feeling too wet. I use about 5-6 sprays to cover my entire face, and within a few seconds it’s dry and completely undetectable. However, it does have a slight smell. It’s not strong, but it’s there, and it’s odd. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a little like play-doh. Thankfully, it doesn’t linger, but it’s one of my teeny complaints.

The very first time I used this was actually at my brothers wedding when the MUA had sprayed it on my face and I was pleasantly surprised to see the longevity of the makeup. Attaching a picture for your reference. This picture was taken 3 hours after my makeup. Then, much sooner I went ahead and bought it from Sephora store. Whenever I use this, I look in the mirror and see that my blush and bronzer are always going strong. Usually, my cheek products are the first to disappear or turn blotchy. I touch my face a lot (a no-no I know), so naturally it starts to fade. With this product, my cheeks hold up nicely, even after a long day (as long as I make sure not to touch my face too much).

The downside? There is no perfecting qualities, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water simply hydrates, sets and cools – it will not give the illusion of smaller pores nor will it blur fine lines/wrinkles.

Although this is designed to be used in three different ways, I prefer to use it strictly as a setting spray. For primer, I reach for hydrating formulas with lotion-like textures. They smooth my skin, and provide much needed hydration, so I don’t find the need to reach for this other than to set my makeup. Despite that, I do think it’s a great perk to be able to use this in various ways.  It helps to justify the price, and it sets it apart from other sprays that aren’t as versatile.

So, is it worth the hype? YES!

This product works fantastic on my dry/combo skin, and it holds up nicely in the Florida heat. The before and after photos were taken about 8 hours apart. I chased after my toddler, made lunch, went for a walk (in 97 degree heat), made dinner, put Aubrey to sleep….and my makeup still looked pretty good – especially for a 90+ degree day. My Urban Decay setting sprays never held up that long, so this is definitely my new go-to setting spray!

Have you tried this? What setting sprays do you love?

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