My name is Aarushi Jain, a 25 year old girl (1991 born) living in Delhi, India.

I created this space to share my perception to all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I write about beauty tips, makeup techniques, makeup tutorials, style ideas, fashion trends, product reviews, life hacks & my travel diaries. I also have a YouTube Channel by the name of Aarushi Jain, where you can find videos on the same line-up.

I have a degree in Bachelors of Arts and a Masters degree in Business Administration. When I’m not blogging I enjoy eating, sleeping and YouTubing videos. I also love stories, so reading a good book or an article in a magazine, watching movies, T.V sitcoms, Web series, shopping etc. are some of my favourite pass times ideas.

You can drop me a mail at aarushijain29@gmail.com if you wish to get in touch with me.


Good Vibes to all 🙂