Pantene ProV Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Conditioner Review- 14DayChallenge!


Everyone wants naturally thick and shiny hair with volume at the same time. However, hair fall is something which surely is a girl’s most common and worst nightmare, (Atleast mine)!

When I got introduced to the Pantene Pro V Hair Fall Control Range, I thought of giving it a try for the sake my hair. So I took the #14DayChallenge of hair fall battle with Pantene.

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The New Age “L’oreal Paris Oil-In-Cream” – An Oil Replacement Cream



Hair oiling is one hair care routine, more of a ritual I should say that every woman follows for healthy hair growth and to maintain it’s natural shine. For those of you who don’t really like the greasiness and stickiness that hair oiling has to offer, here’s your perfect alternative! – Oil In Creams. I gave this new age hair oil a shot and tested out the L’Oreal Oil In Cream.

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