Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel Review


Many of us shy away from shaving our arms and legs and depend on other hair removing techniques like waxing and epilating.
Even I had this fear of shaving until I discovered the art of shaving, which is to exfoliate, oil, shave, wash & hydrate. I recently picked up the gillette satin shaving gel for sensitive skin and after a few number of uses, I thought I should definitely review this product and let you guys know about it.

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My Top Four Foundation Brushes

Brush 1

I must say brushes are one of the most important things in makeup application, if you have bad quality brushes, then your makeup won’t look as perfect as it could look and it usually takes even more time to do it! A flawless base is key to any makeup look and no one wants to end up with patchy, streaky looking foundation.

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